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Daily Revenue Report Dashboard

Daily Revenue Report Dashboard known as DRRDASHBOARD is a customized dashboard designed for the Hospitality business use by Hotels – Corporate Office - Owning Company.

DRRDASHBOARD has been designed by Professional Finance, Revenue and Operation Directors in the Hospitality Business with 25 years of experience. This Custom-made Dashboard meets the industry requirements reflecting various KPI’s and comparing the Actual – Budget – Forecast – Last year data on a simple dashboard platform which is easy to read.

With DRRDASHBOARD, all the information required by hotel business is on one platform and there is no need to waste time computing variances, KPI’s and graphs and emailing reports and sharing Excel sheets.

We have automated your reporting and made is very simple; just upload date from any PMS-POS system after night audit and your Daily Revenue Report Dashboard is ready.


Daily Report is a standard Revenue Report generated in the hospitality industry for sharing, so why not use our smart customized DRRDAHBOARD to enhance your experience.

DRRDASHBOARD has just the right reporting features you need to scale your business and plan accordingly. This is the only Customized Daily Revenue Report Dashboard available in the market place with all the KPI’s Graphs and comparison that makes you read the data easily.

Corporate Office – Owners – Directors – Department Head will always have the data on their fingertip by using our Responsive WWW.DRRDASHBOARD.COM a web based application.

No more emails and Excel sheets…….with DRRDASHBOARD, make your choice today for transforming your Data to Dashboards.